If you have any suggestions for the site design/feature wise, please email me feel free to email me


Q. What are your future plans for the site?

Currently I'm in a strange period in my career, while I plan on keeping the site up to date and as bug free as possible, many of my larger ambitions for the site are on pause for the time being. You can take a sneak peak of the redesign I'm working on for the site here. I do have a bunch of cool ideas I hope to add in the future.

Q. It's already the next patch but wheres the update?

Usually patches come out on Wednesday, so the first few days don't have enough matches for me to update the site. The site should normally update with the latest patch info on Saturday or Friday following a patch update. If you still don't see it, try hard refreshing by pressing ctrl + f5. If you still don't see it, then shoot me an email; something has gone horribly wrong or I'm on vacation. There are some uncommon cases, where the Riot service that I use changes or becomes inconsistent. On occasions like this, it will take me longer to get an update up.

Will you put ads on your site?

Not in the foreseeable future, the way I have this site laid out makes it very low maintenance. Usually you see more prominent sites include ads to help shoulder server costs and labor costs. Since aramlol is server-less and a labor of love, I try to pass those savings onto my users in the form of an ad-free experience. I don't take donations either. A thank you is more than enough to make my day.

Q. I have found a pretty serious bug

Please Email me at and I will try to fix it ASAP

Q. Is it possible to have functionality to enter my username instead?

To my knowledge, it is but not before game has already begun. At that point, you are beyond the ability to reroll. Although, ideally it is a future I do wish to incorporate some form of username input in the future the amount of infrastructure and code needed to make it happen is substantial.

Q. What languages were used to make this?

HTML/CSS, Javascript, a dash of JQuery, Python for Riot API

Q. Where can I submit suggestions, questions and feedback?

Here is a link to the form for general inquiries and suggestions. or feel free to shoot me an email!

Q. How do I use this page?

Enter your champions on the right and press evaluate to see an naive evaluation of your team. You can then press on your submitted champions to see builds and various aram statistics

Q. How often will you make data updates?

I will strive to once a week minimum.

Q. Is man hot?

Man is never hot.